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About XpressHER

About XpressHER

XpressHER is a Global Community of Collective Feminist Voices. We at XpressHER believe in expressing feminist voices, stories, and expressions through various online and offline mediums. Our dream is to create the largest revolutionary movement of expressing feminist voices in the World. 

Are you someone that believes in Gender Equality? Are you passionate about raising your voice against Patriarchy? Do you believe in equal opportunity for both men and women? Feel free to express your thoughts on things that truly matter to you. Let's talk about stereotypes and issues creating the gender divide. What is it that you would like to talk about? Express yourself through articles, videos, posts. Make new friends across the globe, find people who can support you through your journey.  Attend a live session or join a chat room, Share your experience or fight for a cause. This is your community. Lets get Xpressing!

Our Founder

Our Founder Almas Virani calls herself a woman on a mission to smash patriarchy. She is also a Motivational Speaker & Transformational Coach based in India whose resilience and passion to build this community is unmatched and she believes that collaboration brings unity in diversity. She is passionate about smashing patriarchy and wants to redefine Feminism through her vision.


We have a large network of Feminist Speakers across India and we are growing. We set up XpressHER Mics for Organisations, Institutions and also conduct open events. The aim is to create a platform for women achievers and experts and strong Feminists to express themselves.

if you are a woman artist, an achiever in your own domain, a Feminist (genders don't matter as Feminism includes all genders), you are someone with a strong voice and have a story, please fill this form and we shall add you to our database and find a suitable speaking opportunity for you.


We strive to work with Global Partners d are working to create affiliations in multiple countries. We are looking for passionate individuals who want to join our revolutionary movement. We are building a community and are always seeking support and collaborations.

 Contact Us

  • If you are a group of feminists and wish to host your group for stories on our platform please write to us at [email protected]
  • If you are an organisation that wishes to collaborate with us in any of our initiatives please write to us at [email protected]
  •  For Media Enquiries please write to us at info@xpressher.com
  •  For all other queries please write to us at [email protected]
  • We are building our team. If you have a passion and wish to join our mission please write to us at [email protected]
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